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Project Type: Solo Graduation Project
Tasks: Asset design | Modeling | Texturing | Shading  | Lighting | Set-Dressing

Modeling: Autodesk 3DSMax
Texturing: Allegorithmic Substance Designer
Lighting: Choas Group Vray
Game Engine: Epic Games Unreal Development Kit

To graduate from the NHTV's International Game Architecture & Design (BEng) program in Breda, The Netherlands, I chose to work on a lighting and environment art project.
As I had an interest in Substance Designer, I felt it was an excellent opportunity to learn this piece of software. Moreover as I specialized in lighting I also wanted to try to improve on UDK's lightmapping process to get higher fidelity lightmaps into my scene. In the end I used 3DsMax for the modeling and Vray to design and bake the lightmaps which I then integrated into the UDK scene.
The locale in this project is based on the real world SMIT Transformers factory compound in Nijmegen, The Netherlands.

This project allowed me to graduate from the IGAD program with an 8 out of 10 grade in July 2014.

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