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KIMI Project

Project Type: Contract Lighting, Shading & general 3D work
Tasks: Lighting | Shading  | 3D Asset Art | Set-Dressing | Technical support
Client: Gamelogics Arnhem

Modeling: Autodesk 3DSMax
Texturing: Allegorithmic Substance Designer
Game Engine: Epic Games Unreal Engine 4
Other: HTC Vive

Developed for the Dutch Justice Department, the KIMI project revolved around developing a simulation which focusses on domestic violence. The user is cast in the role of a 7 to 8 year old boy who witnesses his parents martial problems and (physical) violence. The goal is to raise awareness of how young children are affected by domestic violence on a pshychological level for both social workers and select client families who would benefit from the (therapeutical) experience.

My role in this project ranged from primairily lighting & shading to architectural modeling, prop modeling and texturing and set dressing. I also provided additional support and input during meeting with the Justice Department on a technical level.

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