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Project Type: AAA Game Production
Tasks: Sr Lighting Artist working on Lighting & Associated technical setup, optimization work
Company: Arkane Austin & Zenimax Media INC, in collaboration with Xbox Game Studios and Bethesda
Game Engine: Unreal Engine 4
Release Platforms: PC | Xbox Series X | Xbox Series S

During this production I worked as a Senior Lighting artist primarily focused on main mission environmental lighting in addition to supporting various open world locations. Duties involved setting up space direction and color palette in cooperation with the Art Director and Lead Lighting Artist, light post processing work, technical setup of environment reflection & GI Probes and optimization in cooperation with the Lead Technical Artist.

Special thanks to Lead Lighting Artist Tyler Geosano, Art Director Karen Segars, Sr. Producer Samantha Cooper and the lighting crew.

Thanks to the Environment team led by William Hewitt & Phi Nguyen, the Level Architect team led by Michael Hutchison, the Level Design team lead by Kelly Ferry, the Audio team led by Aaron Brown  and the Technical Art team led by Christian Hertwig.


District 1 - Redfall Commons

District 2 - Burial Point

Redfall Launch Trailer

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