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Project Type: Lead Artist, Full time
Company: MechaMania B.V.
Tasks: Art Direction, Planning, Shading, Lighting, Set Dressing, Hard Surface Modeling, Texturing, Substance Library management
Software: 3dsMax | Unreal Engine 4 | Substance Designer | Substance Painter | ZBrush
Platform: Custom Full Motion Simulator | HTC Vive
Release: TBA 2016

On the XSpherion project I worked as Lead Artist from 11-2015 to present. My tasks varied from Art Director related work to Producer type role, Technical Art, Asset / Environment Art and Lighting.
The project revolves around a series of Virtual Reality experiences for a custom full motion (6 DOF) simulator using the HTC Vive. Work took place at MechaMania B.V. in Nijmegen, the Netherlands at the old Honig factory complex. Acting as a crossbreed between a rollercoaster, karting and paintball, the company aims to allow groups of consumers to ride in 4 simulators for a series of sessions. Each sessions places the user in control of a space ship on a mission of exploration to an alien world. Through use of VR technology in conjunction with the simulator a highly immersive experience is created for public consumption.

My tasks varied from Art Direction and planning to technical art work such as shading and asset library management. I was also responsible for the lighting design as well as additional artwork (most notably hard surface modeling & design) and set dressing.

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