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Project Type: AAA Game Production
Tasks: Lighting Artist working on Lighting & Associated technical setup
Company: MachineGames & Zenimax Media INC, in collaboration with Xbox Game Studios and Bethesda Game Studios
Game Engine: CreationEngine2
Release Platforms: PC | Xbox Series X | Xbox Series S

During this production I worked as a Lighting Artist for a period of roughly 6 months. My duties focused primarily around getting various interior spaces ready for release in terms of lighting setup/direction as well as basic technical setup. Post Processing work was handled by the Lead Lighting Artist closer to the game's launch. Environments lit include several interior spaces in Akila City, a mission in Neon City and various exterior vignettes.

Special thanks to Lead Lighting Artist Keith Beltramini, Lead Art Producer Emanuel Garcia and the lighting crew at BGS and Nobody Studio. Additional thanks to the BGS Environment team and Design team.

Neon City - Syndicate Hideout

Akila City - Galbank & Assorted Interior Spaces

Starfield Game Trailer

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